We wanted to create a space where we could share all that which lives inside of us and inspires us in our everyday lives. But more than that, we wanted to tell the stories of the people that we look up to. The people that lead the lives we always wished for and find out the dreams of dreamers.


Whether it is Feng shui, dancing, veganism or writing, finding that which puts a fire in your heart and a sparkle in your eye is utlimately what is worth living for. The people we write about here at Stories of Us all share the same passion for their specific topic and all have unique ways of combining their lifestyle into their personal story.


Read, get inspired and start creating your own story.

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To unite or connect. Where the breath unites with the movement of the body to form a connection with the mind. A union between your everyday self and the magic inside of you. The focus that brings together all the pieces that are supposed to be in your life and helps you rid your life of all the rest.


Sit down peacefully, close your eyes, focus your mind, and meditate...

If you need a little guidance, we are here to help.

From us to you... We share our tastiest recipes, healthiest juices, favourite DIY's and much more. All that which we love, photographed and written about with care and passion.


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